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Like the unknown statue of a soldier at the independence square of Accra - Ghana. There seems to be an uncelebrated hero George Alfred Grant, well known by many as Paa Grant. The man who master minded the formation of the first political movement in Ghana , United Gold Coast Convention (U . G . C . C). Paa Grant was born on August 15 1878 at Beyin in the Western Nzema in the Western Region of Ghana. He had his education at Wesleyan School Cape Coast privately under the care of Mr. Joseph D. Abraham a wealthy merchant of Cape Coast and friend of his friend's. After completing his education Paa Grant worked in the timber business and later established his own timber firm George Grant and Companies in 1896 . Even before the first world war Paa Grant had business contacts with principal timber companies in Europe and in America. As his business progressed Paa Grant travelled to Liverpool, London, and Hamburg to open branches. George Grant was a merchant and politician. He concieved the idea to form a political movement and fight for independence in 1947 where he consulted Lawyer R . S Blay a prominent legal practitioner based in Takoradi. He formed the movement and named it United Gold Coast Convention (U . G. C. C) with the slogan 'self government within the shortest possible time'. George Grant (Paa Grant) as the President, Lawyer R . S. Blay as the first vice , Joseph Boakye Danquah popularly called J . B . Danquah as second vice and Ako Adjei as it secretary. Paa Grant was running the movement both as President and a fianancier , when the incumbent secretary Ako Adiei introduced to him acertain man called Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was based in London . Paa Grant sent an amount of E100 to bring Dr Nkrumah back home. Where Dr Nkrumah came to Ghana to be the secretary of the party and later formed his own party Conventions People Party (C.P.P). He died on 30th October, 1956 before Ghana gained independence. It is very much unfair and upsetting that Ghanaians has not yet honour and even given him the national recognition as due. Taking into consideration the genious work he played in G hana's political history. Many military men who used force to attain power has even been named after Airport, high street, hospitals, and parks in the country. Emmanuel Kotoka named after the only international airport in the country Kotoka International Airport a military man who over threw Dr Nkrimah. Ignaius Kutu Acheampong who over threw government and others. Naming a head of state or a hero after a street won;t add much but appreaciation for good work so others can follow, Paa Grant as an unsung hero has been named after the Takoradi circle and Caprice flyover making others know, hero deserve just more than street naming after them but national attention to enage more people trying to be honoured as heroes.
Moreover,firebrands politicians seems to stress several government up since 1992,on issues of their selfish interest.Paa Grant devoted his full time to serve oir country (Ghana),about a decade ago the BIG SIX namely, J.B Danquah,Ako Adiei,Edward Akufo Addo,Obestebi Lamptey,Kwame Nkrumah and Ofori Atta recieved a highly honour one can ever recieve in Ghana. as their cute faces appeared pn the national currencies paper notes from Ghs 1 to Ghs 50 with the expertion of the Ghs 2 note which bares Dr Nkrumah's face. Children are the future of any nation so by making Paa Grant face to appear on at least one of the Ghana cedi note won't cause any harm than good so by doing socialization would take place.Children are the quick learner so let encourage the up and coming Ghanaians to be partriots.Paa Grant deserves even better than the BIG SIX as per history tells us. let campaign and help honour our heroes ! thank you

LETTERS TO GHANAIANS ARTICLE 01 - Corruption When Did it Started ?

Happiness is not something that you find, it is something you create. Corruption is like resentiment,drinking a poison and hoping it will kill your enemy. Mostly, people corrupt others in the name of helping them to succeed in their endeavor. Almost every Ghanaian child thinks the government is corrupt no matter the political party National Democratic Congress (NDC) or New Patriotic Party (NPP) due to the way people see them. THE GENESIS OF CORRUPT IN GHANA (GOLD COAST) Corruption started few years after the signing of the bond of 1844 when the British government introduced the poll tax ordinance forcing the southern state to pay one shilling per person, after the people realized that,the tax collectors were appointed by the British Governor and not their chiefs.The British governor convinced the chiefs by rewarding items like gun, gun powder,toffee etc to serve as a cover up (bribe) leading to the formation of the Fante Confederation. WHEN CORRUPTION FADED OUT OF THE COUNTRY (GHANA) After governor Sir Gordon Guggisberg assumed office as the representative of Queen Elizabeth II in Gold Coast structures was put in place to solve grievances and misunderstanding in the system leading to the 1951 constitution before even the last governor general Lord Listowel came. AFTER INDEPENDENCE AND CORRUPTION AT ITS MESS Soon after the British left the shores of Gold Coast living behind a debt of about E25 and a total amount of E120 in the state fund. Then President Dr Kwame Nkrumah misconstrued funds although he built many hospitals, schools, cities, dams and others pages won't permit me to mention. Immediately, Dr Nkrumah knew how enjoyable, evitable power was, he made the parliamentary members to pass a law called the Act of detention 1960 which brought into existence the one party system leading to the mass number of parties coming together to form the United Party (UP). Besides Dr Nkrumah corrupted almost all the security services to cope with him. To add salt to injury, Nkrumah after corrupting the security service sentenced any vibrant energetic opposition politician into Nsawam prison (J.B Danquah died in a political prison at Nsawam). Which led to his over thrown in 1966 when on peace keeping assignment. CORRUPTION AS A TERM Corruption refers to the process by which something typically a word or expression is changed from its original use. A corrupt person referring to having or showing a willingness to act dishonesty in return for money ot personal gain, it can also be termed as a dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power (Government, Police officers, Headmasters, Directors) typically involving bribery. Corruption is of main forms but to examine and deal with it successfully, i am classifying it into six (6) forms. i. Corruption at home ii. Corruption in the community iii. Corruption in the church iv. Corruption at the workplace v.Corruption at school vi. Corruption in the country at a large i. CORRUPTION AT HOME The basis of all corruption. Clarity begins at home so the saying goes. Every individual whether great or small can be manipulated to be corrupt depending on the training he or she went through while young. Mothers have been the role models of their children especially girls due to hours they spend with their mothers in the house cooking, bathing, the young ones and dressing them up. Fathers has also become role models of their children even though they are busy doing this and that, every child knows his father to be rich so therefore they always want to be like them. A survey conducted by Ghnewsfilla one influential page on Facebook, on twenty(20) school going children between the ages of 4-10 years showed that children mostly learn from home, the details of the survey are as follows. 12 children representing 60% said they will engage in petty trade when asked their reason was because their mothers are engaged in. 5 children representing 25% said they will be Pilots, Doctors and Bankers since they believe those people are living a luxurious (rich) life. The remaining children (3children) denoting 15% quizzed all sorts of high profile jobs in the country including ; Presidents, Engineers, Lawyers , Members of Parliaments(MPs) to mention few.The funniest thing in their reports is that 3 children representing 15% said they would be President and MPs at the same time. Hence it can be concluded that if children sees their parents as role models then, a parent can corrupt his or her child. Let me cite an example, Maame Abena house-wife has been warned by her husband Mr Ninson that, she should abstain from already prepared foods in the town due to the cholera outbreak, so anytime Maame Abena breaks the order she gives her daugther Esi Ghs 1 in order to be silent when her father asks her. This practice of rewarding Ghs 1 for abuse of law, will generate an idea in the child that anytime she breaks the law she should reward with money (bribe) making the child corrupt anyone who comes her way. ii. Corruption in the community Deeds not words, beautiful and intelligent seems to be what the community in which we live brings us, ignorance is no excuse. Poverty and ugliness doesn't matter in the society grooming the individuals who stays within it. Community defined by one online as a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government and often a common cultural and historical heritage. More or less the community influence people. For instance one Zongo youth in Nima-Accra(other words Dancehall City) is one of its kind notorious group (forgive me if you live in that area) in this case, if you live in this community you will surely be corrupt since notorious people are always corrupt. Beside, peer group pressure, social movement and other reside their interests to remain the highest factor in the town. In so doing calculated steps to convinced people by bribing (as money the root of all evil) an individual which comes their way. Corruption can never be dealt with, if you don't have the heart of a warrior. iii. Corruption at work place Few years ago around 2008 during the regime of President J.A Kuffour, many government officials took advantage of the dead of then Finance and Economic Planning Minister Kwadwo Baah Wiredu and loot the country's resources and shared it among themselves per the Auditor General report (AG) freezing many big companies. Let me put that aside, every man works before he put food on his table whether white color jobs or this primary sector work it all earn a living , it depends on how workaholic you would be. I guess one will be asking is armed robbery and prostitution a job ? my answer is exactly what you think is it ! but before then you hear people saying day-in and day-out that, private institutions earns three times profit than government institutions (public) and the reason is always that public sector is corrupt. Recent Auditor General reports showed that, the National Service Scheme (NSS) members payroll list is full of ghost names that is, forged names by highly members of the NSS and the case in pending in court as i write. Corruption at the workplace cannot be explained fully without citing embarrassment and dismissal due to turning down of his|her illy wish. Taking the school as an example, a headmaster and his board of directors of a certain school (name with- held) in Ghana admitted 500 students instead of 750 on the government slot and offer the remaining 250 to public who in one way or the other could not get placement. Also talking about CEOs having an affair before he|she would be promoted in their endeavor. IV CORRUPTION IN THE HOME Gather Dee every now and then and worship me, the holy scriptures advises every being to behave and abide in the word. The church which comprises of the Pastor, Elders and the congregation are surrounded by both good and bad things. In recent times, you hear pastors stealing offertories, secretaries not recording church tithes and most especially the pastors and elders creating and looting of offertory, In Ghana after burial service on Saturday, Sunday service is reserved as thanks giving service called in the local dialect (Twi) as 'Nne ase' many church including Miracle Temple (name of mother church with held upon advice) force mourners of the dead to donate an item which will service as memorable in so doing if the items haven't been bought already money is charged for that, they take the money without doing the task of it. Excessive pride is a familiar sin, but a man may just as easily frustrate the will of God through excessive humility. CORRUPTION IN THE SCHOOL If you think education is expensive try ignorance words from corrupt school children (adult) and most tutors been bribed by students. Basically, corruption in school brings a whole lot. Corruption in school can be categorized into five forms, i. Class prefect and member of his|here class ii. Student and fellow Student iii. Class teacher and Student iv. Teacher and headmaster v. Headmaster and parent Imaging a student choose school X and couldn't gain access to the school, he will try every hook and eye to enter the school so doing the school. Corruption has no formula the smarter always find his way out. Many organizations comprising of primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions involve a certain term called protocol thus a special number of slots are given to high dignities in the institution so they can enroll a given number of people. In this way some sells their slots to unqualified people and receiving money in exchange. CORRUPTION IN THE COUNTRY Africa has been referred as the richest continent populated with poor people all in the name of few politician and Chiefs pocketing the riches. Like yhe Watson Commission was set up to investigate the causes of the 1948 riot so has corruption come so far to affect the individual, group and the country as a large to end. Ghana has been a victim of corruption politicians are now rather politrickians and not politicians. In Ghana this 'Politrickians' are like a wolves in sheep clothing they invest their capital bribing and influencing normal poor Ghanaian to become president and Members of Parliament (MP) and they say they will ripe the money they invested during the campaign. During the 2012 campaign season then General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Lawyer Kwadwo Owusu Afrenyie popularly called Sir John said at a gargantuan rally held at Mantse Agboena that all the grassroot members know that they aren't in power so they don't have strong finance and the NDC are chopping and emptying the country's fund. This is a clear case that every government steal money to bribe the normal ideal Ghanaian. Corruption can never be tackle without mentioning the Ghana Police Service . Throughout Ghana there is no District which doesn't have a Police Office or check point. Anytime a driver gets to a check point an amount of not less than Ghs 1 will be demanded, it doesn't matter the fault whether speeding the money is very vital to them. P. J. O. Rourke ones said no drug, not even alcohol causes the fundamental ills of society. If we are looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance good and love for power. There is also a saying two wrongs doesn't make it right. W hen a Police catch a driver for reckless driving and arrest him and demand for money all the two people are corrupt. Lawyers and the law making fraternity are one area whom opinion polls organized by most credible institution point out to be corrupt. Adding icing to cake, lawyers are people who influence the day to day activity of the legal body. I always ask myself so do we allow armed robbers caught red handed to justify for wrong doing all in the name of human right ? Is human right really a right for law breakers ? I am sure your guess is right as mine. About five years ago a Tema circuit court allowed famous robbers to justify their case which ended up that the robbers won and were set free. GHANA'S TAKE CONCERNING CORRUPTION Even though action they say speak more than words. But its seems Ghanaian political actors has done and dealt with corruption with their fantastic succulent lips but in reality Ghana is corrupt like Bob Marley and weed, rotting like tomatoes. Since 1992 every government has tried fighting corruption leading to formation of several institutions, groups and movement. In December a survey conducted by CPI 2014 showed that Ghana ranked 61 out 175 countries showing a massive improvement than other African countries. In an attempt to stop corruption many anti-corruption agents including Ghana Anti-corruption Coalition (GACC), CHRAJ, WAGSI to mention a few has over the years received support towards the implementation of such anti-corruption moves. Anything which has a beginning has an end,therefore i rest my case on corruption.

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POOR T. M. A STOPS ADOM TEMAFEST Temafest is an annual event organised by the Multimedia Group Limited a mother company of Adom fm for Tema residents since there no festival for the people of Tema every 26th December at the forecourt of Tema Community 8 school park. Due to its attractiveness and excitement people from all over the country part-take. The event brings together people from all sorts of environments together and enjoy themselves.The event is of two segment, the first segment is inter-fun club games including football matches, tag of peace, lime race volleyball competition to mention few.The second segment is Stage performances and jams from 10:00pm till mama calls, during this period popular musicians in the country performs to cheer their funs up. A show which usually pulls about 20000 people. Anytime the festival comes into closure reported cases of rape and robbery are like bees making honey and perpetrated by miscreants who took adavantage of the programe to attack innocent residents in the area during midnight. In the early second quater of the year 2014 thus 4th April, 2014. The Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) presiding Member Romeo Akahoho issued at a town hall meeting organised by the TMA to bring governance closer to the residents in Tema. A number of residents made an official appeal to TMA to stop the entertainment show (Adom Temafest) because of the high crime rate that is recorded anytime the activity was organised. During the meeting this was what transpared "...Two years ago when Adom FM wanted to organize the programme in Tema, they did inform TMA and we gave them the permission but last year they took us by surprise to organize the progrmme without informing MUSEC and the assembly..." "This year it won't happen and Temafest would not take place again in Tema because of the incidences associated with it. TMA will not allow it". After TMA issued this piece online, i was astonished and felt shame for TMA for up till date. A whole Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) can't solve this little but ageing problem to work in hand with Multimedia Group Limited and Ghana Police to provide twenty-four (24) hour security or even more for before, during and after the event. Temafest as a mega (festival) brings about tourism, revenue and income for the TMA and the petty traders, so are we looking forward to lose all this benefits. Whoever is in-charge of the TMA security and the management of Multimedia should sit and settle this 'beef' in good fate. Thanks for reading this piece scroll down to read other article from the writer.


WILL HISTORY BE REPEATED ? That is the question that runs in the mind of most political analysis.These brings as back to the history of United State of America and The Republic of Ghana.Guess what is about ? We are talking politics here. Readers of these article shouldn't think somewhat of the rational for this article.The dabatable question is will history be repeated ? Thus will Barrack Obama and his Democratic party retain (continue) to hold power for the next four years ? You are asking why?And will John Dramani Mahama and his National Democratic congress {NDC} continue to enjoy power regardless of the hardship in the country ?. The answers to these questions pushed me to write this piece. First and Foremost, the Democratic party in USA and the NDC in Ghana have something in common. Let us set our minds back, in the early 90's during the elections in both USA and Ghana.Mr Bill Clinton of Democratic party won all his two terms in the USA while Mr Jerry John Rawlings won on two consecutives times, and in September 2000 and 2004 elections both lost to the greatest opposition in the country Republic Party and New Patriotic Party respectively for two terms. Less than a decade ago,thus 2008 Democratic party led by Barrack Obama won and NDC led by Proffessor John Evans Atta Mills accordingly.Mr Obama pushed for the second term and won sucesssfully while their political mate in Ghana NDC led by Mr John Mahama who succeeded late John Mills won. This brings us back to the question, that will the NDC led by Mr. John Dramani Mahama and the Democratic Party in USA win power ? . Can the mystery be uncovered that will Democratic win 2016 elections and the NDC loss ?. But for now let look foward for the promises they made during the 2012 elections. Long live mother Ghana ! Long live United State Of America ! Thanks for reading this piece. Scroll down for more article from the writer.

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!RACISM WILL NEVER END Oh ! how i wonder racism will end , but for the look of things it will take centuries to even slow it down . Before the creation of heaven and earth there was a choice (racism). Racism is an irrational bias towards members of a racial background . The bias can be positive(one race can prefer the company of its own race or even other) or can be negative ( one race can hate another) to qualify as racist, the bias must be irrational. That is. it cannot have a factual basis for preference . Racist is of many forms (I mean people who likes discriminating.) In this article i am going to discuss in toto all you need to know about racism and the reason why i am saying it will never end . Racism effects people politically, socially , and economically. Racism has been like a justifiable reason to redistribute resources or opportunities between groups on the basis of race alone. POLITICAL MOTIVATED Most individuals suffer racism everyday even let me say everybody suffer racism let forget the normal racism of colour blackmen and whitemen. Irrespective of its sources racism is racism. Ignorance is no excuse. Insecurity is not justification, racism in all its forms should be compromisingly condemned. Racism is the opposite of the democratic principle of equality and the right of all people to be treated fairly. Without further ado , political racism has made many people to lose their jobs,people commiting suicide and so forth . Imargine you are a member of political party A and you are the largest opposition party to political party B which is runing the affairs of your country, because you did not vote for political party B , political party B will take all measures to dismiss members of political party A from their office and employ political party B members most especially, if your office is under the ministries.Making you feel unpleasant and jobless. SOCIAL MOTIVATED The society has been a key figure suppressing and discriminating against individuals in the community and the country as large. Not long ago and even now, in some African communities people are having the mentality that females are not suppose to attend school, they are meant to serve in the kitchen and so therefore they enroll their male child in school living the females in the kitchen. Besides social racism has brought a whole lot of cultural discrimination , ethnicity, social inbalance and tribalism. Instrumental or systematic social racism describes forms of racism which are strutured into political and social racism. It occurs where institutions , government , discriminate, either deliberately or indirectly , against certains groups of people to limits their rights . Also, racism experimentally , a student in school may result in early school dropout and lower educational outcomes together with discrimination in employment opportunities and higher unemployment for these students when they leave school. ECONOMICAL MOTIVATED It basically refers to the excuse given by one 'race' of people to abuse another person's rights, usually created by blind ignorance. In the field of economics, it mainly deals with problems of scarcity. Demand does not cease it keeps on increasing as consumers thinks a specific good can help over other good. This is illustrating discrimination interms of racism as the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another due to biological differences and therefore, suggests that social intellectual and moral traits are genetically knowing truly they are of close substitute but not inferior . SOME MIND BLOWING REASONS WHY I THINK RACISM WILL NEVER END ! You can't delete racism it's like cigarette , you can't stop smoking if you don't want to, and you can't stop racism if people don't want to. Racism can make you feel uncomfortable, or unsafe and that they are not welcomed or accepted it also portrays how humans truly are. Racism is like your teeth in ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­your mouth when you haven't laugh it remains inside, you can fall a victim and if you haven't keep calm. Racism will never end ! If female child still remains in the kitchen. Racism will never end ! As long as we still wash first white clothes , then other colors later. Racism will never end! If countries in the world still practice "winner takes all". Racism will never end ! If up till date people address 'black' as a colour. Racism will never end ! If still there is the power of choice. Racism will never end ! If stilll there is favouritism and nepotism. Racism will never end ! If still all the people in the world don't see themselves as one. Racism will never end ! If there is first and last. Racism will never end ! When there are numerous religions in the world. Racism will never end ! When there is live and dead. Racism will never end ! If we don't change our mentality. Racism will never end ! If people wear white clothes to wedding and black clothes to funerals. Racism will never end ! If there is rich and poor. Racism will never end ! If people still don't respect left handed people. Racism will never end ! If there is boss amd servant. Racism will never end ! If people still use black to symbolize bad luck and white for peace . Racism will never end ! If still people see God as white and black as devil . Racism will never end ! If still people regard white as good and black as bad . Racism will never end ! As long as those who don 't pay bills are blacklisted not white listed Racism will never end ! Even when playing the pool ( smooker ) you won't win until you sink the black ball , and white ball must remain on the field. Racism will never end ! As far as , still we use white Toilet paper to wipe. Racism will never end ! If still white cars uses black tyres. Racism will never end ! When one messes up with his account we say ' he is blacklisted ' and not white listed. "Race is the great taboo in our society, we are afraid to talk about it, white folks fear that their unspoken views will be deemed racist. People of colour are filled with sorrow and rage at unrighted wrongs. Drowning in silence, we are brothers and sisters drowning each other , once we decide to transform ourselves from fearful caterpillars into courageous butterflies , we will be able to bridge the racial gulf and move forward together towards a bright and colourful future". Those are words from an anti-racist Eva Peterson CEO and CO-Founder of Equal Justice Society. Inoder not to talk much and make noises i will end here. Still the same i am of strong conviction that, racism will ­­­­­­­­­­never end ! if we continue doing things the same as we do now. Racism is a tool, of discrimination every now and then you can fall a victim. let stop racism and enjoy live !


In the world no man has survived solely doing his own thing without the help of others.As a musician needs the help of a sound engineer before he can produce a song, like the BIG SIX helped Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to achieve independence for Ghana . The noble peace prize winner President Nelson Mandela before he succeded great number of people including the likes of , former president of South Africa Thabo Mbeki and Archibishop Desmond Tutu helped him in diverse ways. On this note I issue this great and most awaited ,article on media houses in Ghana today are collapsing due to false stories,acccording to the media elite governing journalism, Journalist are suppose to broadcast the truth and stories which are of the public interest and not gossips "i mean false alarming only to create tension, panic and fear", Notwithstanding the facts that,the duties of journalists is to educate, inform, and entertain the public. In this way trying to inform the public has been nothing to write home about. SETTING THE RECORDS STRAIGHT Since Adam time I know journalists are developing partners and also in Ghana here the third power holders. There are about twenty_ nine(29) media houses including print media, television stations and the radio stations only in the Greater_Accra Region of Ghana. Many media houses has helped improved the country Ghana, but in recent times has been ablast of false stories . In order not to raise alarms of fear and panic let set our minds back around September_October 2010 the then Tema based radio station Adom Fm broadcasted a news about a one woman called Amina Mohammed and Yutun bus. which Amina claimed that, there was a mass robbery in the bus and a mass rape, which up till now, it has not be confirmed how true that story was. Barely, three years ago, Mr. Adakaberi Frimpong Manso affectionately called (Ozuama Mamudu) the host of the morning show "dwaso n'sem" on Adom Fm that time, said there was an extension of President J.E.A Mills resident at Reggie Manuel Estate and that it was the country's which was supporting such project which turn out all to be lies. According to the Media Foundation for West Africa(MFWA) and National Communication Authority(NCA) structures has been put in place for any misreportage by any media house in the West Africa Metropolis but that has even brought more problems than before. During the 2012 elections fm stations like Oman Fm,in Accra and Ash Fm in Kumasi was denied access to air for a number of false stories aired by these fm stations which brought caios and tension in the country. Just about a year ago, a private daily news paper in the country called DAILY GUIDE published a one sided false story about the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia popularly called General Mosquito in Ghana politics, Mr.Nketia sued the editors of the news paper Feddie Blay and Eddie Blay, Mr. Nketia won the case which earned him a huge sum of money which he said, he will build a house and write the inscription "KWASIA BI NTI". Besides Van Vicker of the America Boy fame was fasely acccused by one famous online website OMG Ghana that, Van Vicker has contracted the deadly disease Ebola which the actor has prosecuted the website. Along the same time football meastro Michael Essien the AC Milan star was also accused across online website that he has contracted Ebola . Adding insult to injury , some media houses including the likes of Multimedia Group Limited, Despite Group Of Companies, and TV3 Networks turn the nation outside down about the whereabout of popular musician Theophilius Tagoe well known as Castro, when the news hit the media that he has drown in the Ada river a town near Accra and has not be found . Despite Group Of Companies told Ghanaians that, "...Castro has be seen by some Ghanaians along the Togo shores...". TV3 Networks broadcasted,"...Castro has been admitted in a hospital in Togo ...". Multimedia Group Limited aired that,"...we have a secret tape from Togo Police ..." but it later turns out all to be lies. The Ghana Journalist Association, inorder to put end to such news items has an annual awards for hard working journalists in the country. Is my pray that, by 2020 Ghanaian Journalist can be African's best broadcasters as their aim and also best and excellent in professionalism and of communication. I cannot end this article without congratulating great and hardworking journalists like Kwame Sefa Kayi, Kojo Yankson,Isreal Laryea, Jessica Opare, Efia Pokua, Richard Sky, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Menassah Awine Azure, Kweku Baako, Kwesi Pratt Jnr and others pages won't allow me to write their names. To conclude, many media houses have the view that when they publish , aired or broadcast false stories it will attract more listeners , readers and funs. The law of karmar state that, "whatever you does to a fellow will surely be done to you . LET PROMOTE TRUTH AND ACCURACY IN JOURNALISM !


Like the twinkle little stars above the earth so high. The wise one Thomas Edison the inventor of electronic(light) bulb once said "If we all do the things we are capable of doing we'll all astonish ourself". In the early fifteen centuries before one can become a ruler of either an empire,village,head of clan he must be a warrior. Today, i am in to give you insights and merits on the need for us as a country (Ghana) to amend and make it a law that,before one can contest for any position in the country he must be screened of all sickness and published his status in the news papers before giving him the green light. History has proven beyond reasonable doubts that,most world leaders especially those in Africa dies most a time while in office and of natural cause and usually health problems. This raise the quest don't they seek medical attention ? I am yet to discover the duties of the doctors and nurses at the seats of government, but before then , I am introducing the most debatable, vital, most opposed and talkabout in town. Barely two years ago, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom the flagbearer of the Progessive People Party (PPP) rallied a campaign that, due to the untimely death of some African Leaders Ghanaian Presidential Aspirants should be screened before they can contest but they never pay attention to his issue . He even did example by screening his medical status and published it in news papers. Within 2008 and 2012 ten African leaders dead of natural cause due to poor health while only three leaders died in the rest of the continents. Below is a comprehensive details (presidents who died from 2008 - 2012 and other president who has died while in-office) The greatest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism . Africa is a young continent but its leaders rarely reflect that reality since old ( and- not- quite- so- old) President Levy Mwanawasa ( 59 ) of Zambia died 19th of August, 2008 . He died while attending AU summit in Cairo . He was evacuated to France by air ambulance following a stroke . He was dead while official statement claims he was recovering treatment . In that same year, President Lansana conte ( 74 ) died after several years battling with sickness . President Omar Bongo Ondimba ( 73 ) of Gabon died 8th June , 2009. He died of cancer . President of African's most populous country Nigeria President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua ( 58 ) He died on 4th May, 2010 died after few years of illness . Following the deads of such Presidents two years later , four other African Presidents died including the likes of Ghana's President John Evans Atta Mills,( 68 ) rumours in town before he dead was circulating about his poor health but it was denied by him and his ministers . He died on the 24th of July , 2012 just three days after his birthday. It was reported by some media houses that , he died of massive stroke whiles others said he died of throat cancer. Meanwhile the family kept the doctor's report as confidential . Malawi's President Bingu Wa Muthariksa ( 78 ) died on 5th April , 2012. The cause of his death was undisclosed. Ethopian's President Meles Zenawi ( 57 ) died while in - office 17 years of been head of state and government. President Gnassingbe Eyadema ( 69) of Togo also died on 5th Febuary , 2005 . After a sudden heart attack while on board a plane. Guinea Bissau's President Mallam Sanha ( 64 ) Mallam Sanha died on the 9 th of January , 2012. He died while trying to treat his cronic disease Diabetes. To add salt to injury, Guinea Bissau's Joao Bernardo Vieta and Libyian's Muammar Gaddafi died in Violence circumstances. It is clear and loud that, if care is not taken African Continent would be named 'Continent of Dead' due to the mass number of leaders dying of poor health not that there is no good health facilities but because of love for power and selfishness , regardless of their health . I hope if this law is passed it will put structures in place so as to terminate the rate of leaders dying and avoid unworthy trophies won by our precious continent , since there is a saying 'when you have life you have everything'. Among the dead African leaders who died of illness are the noble peace prize winner Nelson Mandela who passed away on 5th December, 2013 and longest serving African President then, Ahmed Sekou Toure who died on 26th March 1984 . The most recent one is President Micheal Sata (77 ) . The second President of Zambian President to died in office in less than a decade after mocking reports that he was suffering from a terminal illness before departing to the UN General Assembly few months ago , " i am not dead yet" but unfortunately for him , he missed his appearance at the Assembly amid reports that he had been taken ill in his New York hotel room . Among all the African Presidents who died, they all suffered aliments and had denied rumors about their ill prior to their deaths. Still the same, i am appealing to the President and Cabinet members of Ghana to enforce a law which will usher any Ghanaian before he can contest for any high office they should be screened and publish in the media . Let promote peace and live as brothers and sisters not hatred and love for power !