Thursday, December 25, 2014


POOR T. M. A STOPS ADOM TEMAFEST Temafest is an annual event organised by the Multimedia Group Limited a mother company of Adom fm for Tema residents since there no festival for the people of Tema every 26th December at the forecourt of Tema Community 8 school park. Due to its attractiveness and excitement people from all over the country part-take. The event brings together people from all sorts of environments together and enjoy themselves.The event is of two segment, the first segment is inter-fun club games including football matches, tag of peace, lime race volleyball competition to mention few.The second segment is Stage performances and jams from 10:00pm till mama calls, during this period popular musicians in the country performs to cheer their funs up. A show which usually pulls about 20000 people. Anytime the festival comes into closure reported cases of rape and robbery are like bees making honey and perpetrated by miscreants who took adavantage of the programe to attack innocent residents in the area during midnight. In the early second quater of the year 2014 thus 4th April, 2014. The Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) presiding Member Romeo Akahoho issued at a town hall meeting organised by the TMA to bring governance closer to the residents in Tema. A number of residents made an official appeal to TMA to stop the entertainment show (Adom Temafest) because of the high crime rate that is recorded anytime the activity was organised. During the meeting this was what transpared "...Two years ago when Adom FM wanted to organize the programme in Tema, they did inform TMA and we gave them the permission but last year they took us by surprise to organize the progrmme without informing MUSEC and the assembly..." "This year it won't happen and Temafest would not take place again in Tema because of the incidences associated with it. TMA will not allow it". After TMA issued this piece online, i was astonished and felt shame for TMA for up till date. A whole Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) can't solve this little but ageing problem to work in hand with Multimedia Group Limited and Ghana Police to provide twenty-four (24) hour security or even more for before, during and after the event. Temafest as a mega (festival) brings about tourism, revenue and income for the TMA and the petty traders, so are we looking forward to lose all this benefits. Whoever is in-charge of the TMA security and the management of Multimedia should sit and settle this 'beef' in good fate. Thanks for reading this piece scroll down to read other article from the writer.