Monday, September 21, 2015


Is the title of today's holiday's message. Rescue the perishing , care for the dying is the exact song which comes to mind when I look at the happenings in Ghana now. Anyway, happy founder's day to you. Our institutions are corrupt, Ghanaians are suffering , the cedi is falling. There is no hope for better future if we don't change. Ghana now is a member of the Highly Indebted Country's. The oppositions has nothing better to offer than to oppose. Indeed we need change not of government but our mentality towards things. Professor, Doctor , Lawyer, Banker has brought us nothing. Western education has taken our norms and values all in the name of human rights. tommyrot ! We need to move forward and take a great decision to be the Anas's. Let work undercover and uproot the root of corruption growing rapidly in our homes, communities, churches, schools, workplaces and the country at large. #MAD Making A Difference in Ghana Watchout for Ghana in the face of......... coming 19 th of . October, 2015. Long live Ghana! Long live true patriot!