Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why I Won't Vote Come Election 2016!

I won't vote, I have no political anti-establishment, I am not anarchist. Just that I see no reason to vote. I am aware of article 42 of the constitution of the Republic of Ghana which empower every citizen age 18 and above with sound mind the right to vote.
A vote a formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands.
I am a pure liberal and the following reasons motivated me to state vehemently
 'I won't vote come election 2016'
Just and have a clear peace of mind.
 As a Blogger and a Radio Presenter there are functions of people who read my post and listen to my programs, people from all sorts of environs, I have no idea of. Over the few years what i have come to realize is, the political landscape is divided into two. Either NPP or NDC. Partaking in elections is like endorsing the candidature of a presidential hopeful. One may raise the argument but no one would see who 
I vote for? Yes,  but remember our conscience always do judge us.

I wouldn't like to be blacklist as my colleagues have faced over the years. I just want to have a clear peace of  mind to work and tackle issues as i have done before , to hit the nail on the head i mean.
  Till now am not convinced by any political party, their manifestoes, aims for this year's election. All i hear from the ruling party is "maintain us and we shall continue to transform Ghana and change your lives" and chanting "JMToaso", "Onaapo". Whiles the opposition parties booms riddance the ruling party else Ghana will go doom. And campaigning everywhere on the street "Change Is Coming", "Mahama Is Incompetence" I guess they think we are doing choral checks abi? Lol

The President actually doesn't affect anything directly in my life. Does he?
Probably No, he doesn't ! If taxes are raised I'll pay more money, if regulations are put on how businesses hire, if prices of fuel are increased. I will buy. When even I don't even vote.
So you see the President doesn't  actually affect anything  directly in my life, But for every action, as we learned from Newton in High School, there is equal and opposite reaction. Every government creates opportunities. The past presidents have paid their dues and also cause the woes we face.
I have this school of thought that whatever conditions are, if I focus on the good then I will get opportunity. All I need least is to sit, stand and lie down, so far no president has prevented me from first John of the fourth Republic to the fourth John of the foirth Republic. Why should i waste my precious time standing in a queue to vote?
Voting won't make any difference. We have believed over the years that, casting our votes brings the visionaire leaders into power and again the voice of the people is the voice of the God, but the bitter fact is, its a complete lie. Research conducted by myself has shown clearly that all the changes we do by voting has rather sent as to hell.

Nobody tells the truth. They are all liars just deceiving us to win power. I recall vividly how the NDC were promising 'Heaven on Earth' during election 2008 to the extent of promising to be putting money in our poc and to reduce the prices of fuel drastically if elected into power. Where are all these promises? The NPP at the other hand are playing the role of Angelica Aldama in the soap opera Marimar, pretending to care about the normal Ghanaian making allegations upon allegations. Wait did they promise One village One Dam? Do they know what a Dam is? Also the NDC promising to pay Cocoa farmers using Mobile Money? Funny politicians
Accra Mayor braiding someone's hair to win her vote.

Concluding, the factors above fueled my decision not to vote come December 7th. I have a point right?
Runing-mate of the NPP flag bearer Nana Akufo Addo, Dr.Bawumia pounding fufu just to win a vote.