Thursday, March 26, 2015

GHANA FOR YOU ! Letters to Ghanaians article 04

In this very piece there’re many things which makes something different from the other. Ghana as a country in the southern sahara desert has many unique features. In this article I am walking you through some. It is educative and also funny. Welcome to Ghana where losing a mobile phone is more precious than losing virginity. Where bathrooms has become photo studio. Where getting a Galaxy phone is greater than achieving B.S.C Degree. Where Yahoo boys has brighter future than graduates. Where temples have turned into dating point. Where ladies fear pregnancy than HIV. Where worshiping God is difficult than learning music. Where lies are turned into realities. Where pizza delivery is faster than emergency responses. Where people go to church with BB charges than Bible. Where guys are scared of getting married but love to have sex. Where Antagonist is called Killer and Protagonist Broman. Where when a government does assigned duties he want to be applaud. Where sex is cheap but love is costly. Where every tooth paste is called Pepsodent. Where every washing powder is called Omo.