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Very soon Christians all over the world will be celebrating the crucifixion of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for our sins about 2000 years ago and resurrected. But as to the exact date Christ was crucified many Bible scholars have not been able to fish it out but it is written in the Holy Bible He was crucified on Friday which is generally referred to as Good Friday. The great politician and the 16th President of the United State of America Abraham Lincoln ones said in a speech he delivered on February 27, 1860 that” Human action can be modified to some extent but human nature cannot be changed” Many believers in the world are more of words than deeds(I stand to be corrected). The problem of the 21st century Christians is not money but pride. In most of the churches, the congregation believes they are saints and see the unbelievers as demons. Which is different from the great commission in the Holy book of life. The body of Christ is divided does not symbolized that Christ body has fall apart literally divided. Among the churches today there are cool wars battling over which doctrine is right

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The fall of NDC Government


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Coming May 25,2015 a new blog which will be publishing Ghanaian stories would be lanch . Due to the recent standard of living and the rate at which the world is developing is not any one who can own a blog or can design a blog , so if you are out there and fall a victim of that but can help spread the Ghanaian stories, kindly send me an email on ralphadamsb6@gmail.com Thanks

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GHANA FOR YOU ! Letters to Ghanaians article 04

In this very piece there’re many things which makes something different from the other. Ghana as a country in the southern sahara desert has many unique features. In this article I am walking you through some. It is educative and also funny. Welcome to Ghana where losing a mobile phone is more precious than losing virginity. Where bathrooms has become photo studio. Where getting a Galaxy phone is greater than achieving B.S.C Degree. Where Yahoo boys has brighter future than graduates. Where temples have turned into dating point. Where ladies fear pregnancy than HIV. Where worshiping God is difficult than learning music. Where lies are turned into realities. Where pizza delivery is faster than emergency responses. Where people go to church with BB charges than Bible. Where guys are scared of getting married but love to have sex. Where Antagonist is called Killer and Protagonist Broman. Where when a government does assigned duties he want to be applaud. Where sex is cheap but love is costly. Where every tooth paste is called Pepsodent. Where every washing powder is called Omo.


A land full of great resources blessed with all what a nation needs to develop. Ghana a nation of which is describe as home of peace and of Africa democracy. When will our leaders realize the great talents we have ? Are we waiting for a patriot to die before we write a mouth-watering tribute ? Oh ! now Ghanaians don’t think of the well being of the country but themselves. A land great fought for with their own resources has now been the land of selfishness while growing up. I learnt if your country is rich then you can also be rich. Is Ghana indeed searching for a patriot ? With many unsung patriot talking in-terms of Paa Grant the unsung hero, Dr Kwame Nkrumah , J. B Danquah, John Mensah Sarbah, Kwegyir Aggrey, Casely Hayford, to mention few who sacrificed in diverse ways making Ghana an independent state. Patriot refers to a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and it interest with devotion. A patriot is always ready to countenance the just claims and animate the reasonable hopes of the people , he reminds them frequently, of their rights encroachments and to multiply securities. These day people parade themselves parade as patriots. A person will rally a campaign just because he wants to benefit. We certainly have patriot in the country but we only have to honor the dead patriot and encourage them to the surface. It’s not been in a political office before you can be patriot. Has Bill Gate ever held any political office ? Patriots are all over the country the likes of Kofi Annans’ Dag Heward Mills, Nunu Mensah keep mentioning. It is very clear that the celebrities will never involve in political parties to save their image from divided fans. The reality is, the problems are there and we need to solve it. Unity is what we want. Enough of the political games (blame game) naming institutions after Busia and the likes okay !. Patriot do not do things because he need political power. I sometimes ask my comrades so are we photocopying the white ? Ghanaians, let be real, this not how we were natured let us not take advantage of social media and democracy and abolish the morals. Be proud you are yourself and not anybody. Not long ago, a couple of public figures who were arrested for bleaching the law all fall ill and were rash to the hospital. Let stop the RACISM WILL NEVER END and encourage the young to live a free from lies, and loot and share (Corruption). The Western world has nothing better to offer us. Have you forgetting the C. J. A agenda to dissidents to over throw the PNDC government violently become public in 1985 when Miss Scarage, after returning to the United State broke down under a lie detector during a debriefing session on C. I. A activities in Africa. Ghana is rising patronize Ghana goods stop the critic game and help, this the only country we have. Let go back and listen to those patriotic songs the ‘Ye nara ye sasine, Yaano Abibrima’ to mention a few. The United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO), the United States of America and other similar associations and countries. They are the ones who bribed (IF NOT ALL SOME) General Kotoka and Major Afrifa 13 million dollar to over throw Dr Nkrumah. You are a patriot yourself stop pointing figures on others and let build Mother Ghana. Long live Mother Ghana ! Long live true patriot !


Experience they say is the best teacher and if experience has never taught you a lesson before, you might not be a human being. Lol Aims and objectives in human life has forced many to enter certain fields and grounds unfavorable to them, but as far there is four corners in the world everything is possible. Going through the ups and downs in life with the agenda to succeed. For not until a year ago I never knew the hardships and problems teachers face. You will ask a Ghanaian politician the reward for teachers and he will tell you is in heaven. Always pursuing self interests on the floor of parliament. Today’s piece is based on personal experience, friends experience and hearsay about been a teacher. I have kept this piece in my draft for quite a long time and hope the right time to publish is now, I mean now. Teaching as a profession is of many kinds. But to cut everything short I have grouped it into two forms teaching in the rural area and teaching in the urban area. If you teach in the rural area there’s woe and in the urban area more cheers. Teaching itself is a difficult job and not meant for any lazy person. Racist cannot teach and most especially ‘too known’ people from different background and unique character in the classroom. TEACHING IN THE RURAL AREA If you’re a teacher and you teach in the rural area congratulations for surviving all this woes. Young ones wish to be grown-ups while Elders wish they were still young. One thing about teaching in the rural areas is, never think of resting for the sake of you have taught what you suppose to teach. You will teach and leave the few seconds, if you ask a student what you taught he would be starching his head, making teaching in the rural areas very tough. Also, scanty salary , double work . In this day and time teaching for a whole month and receiving as low as Ghs 50 as a salary. Teaching and also been a labour hmm ei no bi easy saa o ! Beside, trouble-some and disobedient students. It has come stay that, charity begins at home (don’t mean they don’t train them well) and also since most of the people living in the rural areas has no formal education they do not know the value of education and therefore don’t respect teachers. They don’t even care of stoning (you) the class teacher or insulting them (you). Moreover, absenteeism and lateness. Never think of teaching full class or start lessons on the usual schedule time unless it’s Monday and examination week. A class of thirty (30) students and only eighteen (18) regular students. Lateness is a normal thing (in rural areas) and can be compared to pig and dirt. Classes suppose to commerce at 7:40am and students arriving at 8:30am. To add salt to injury, they think everything is free. For where… ? It has been a reality that of real African men. Government offering students free education, free uniforms, free feeding, free shoes and free books. What again …? Parents in rural areas are dread more than a lion. A child will attend school without a pen. How can you go to farm without a cutlass… ? Furthermore, they don’t do home works (Assignment). The world is full of problems but one differs from other. A child has to go to farm before he gets to school and after school he goes again to cultivate foodstuffs to sell before he eat. Tiredness and forgetfulness also prevent them from doing home work and if luck is on your side they will do the home work but oil will surely stack in the book. Ungratefulness and pretenders. If you have monitored the Ghanaian media for sometime now, you will be hearing teachers been beaten-up and classrooms turned into lavatories. No wonder Jesus Christ did many miracles yet they betrayed and crucified him, that Isis man for you, you will do everything for him but will never appreciate it. There is saying in Akan (The major ethnic group in Ghana) which goes if you don’t praise me don’t ruin my reputation. “I declare war if…” hope you remember the exact during the 2012 election in Ghana Hon Kennedy Agyapong’s treason statement. The some happens in rural areas against teachers but this time this way ; ‘’ ..if you cane my child for…’ The most upsetting of it all. Parents fighting teachers (if you have been a victim, you know what I am talking about ) going as far as calling mob to beat-up teachers. The last but surely not the least, in case of anything involving education you will be called upon (Ekurasi Burga) for instance, someone want to write letter to his/her son in the city to sent him/her money. THE URBAN AREA Hallelujah to the Kings of Kings Hallelujah to the Lords of Lords In the present of our Kings Hahaha…. Hope I got the lyrics right? Yeah! I remember, this the very song sang in the cities whiles those rural schools are facing woes the urban areas are dancing to the tune of Don Moren song . Teaching in the city is of many forms but hence I am discussing only two. i. Teaching in the Montessori schools. ii. Teaching in the grammatical oriented private schools. ii. The Montessori Schools The Montessori schools called after Maria Montessori. The woman who founded Montessori education by 1897 a philosophy theoretically cover infant education through matriculation from high school, in practice most Montessori schools offer infant education through 8th grade, 90% of Montessori schools have very young children ages 3 to 6. The centerpiece of Montessori approach is allowing children to learn on their own while being guided by the teacher. Montessori teachers do not correct work and hand it back with lots of red marks. A child’s work is not graded. The teacher assesses what the child has learned and then guides him into new areas of discovery. ii. Grammatical Oriented Schools Unlike the Montessori schools, this form of education is strictly based in the classroom and student following whatever the teacher teaches. Also a well contracted timetable is followed religiously to suit the children condition. The centerpiece of grammatical oriented is to impact knowledge and skills into the child’s mind in the classroom in order to become responsible citizens in the near future. PROBLEMS URBAN TEACHERS FACE. Unnecessary terms and conditions, teachers in the cities are offered with huge amount though but face some kind of embarrassment applied in the appointment letters regarding no teacher leaves the school till the last child leaves, a certain amount of money deducted from their salary when report to school late, and dress code etc. Making it difficult if you find yourself there. ‘The help me grow motive’, thus heads of teachers in the cities have a mentality that you applied for teaching because you wanted money and so therefore they will used you for what they what. Money they work … they chop, when it comes to classroom works you will do and they will earn money and the glory without appreciating to you. Strictness thus the heads will monitor your every move in the school the way you teaches, the way you stand where teaching and others and mostly teaches who find themselves there don’t feel at home.

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Rainforest once covered 14% of the earth`s land area, but this is now6%. At the current rate of deforestation, rainforest could disappear altogether by the end of this century. The Amazonian rainforest in South America covers 6,5 million km square and has been described as the 'lungs of the planet' because it converts so much carbon dioxide to oxygen. The second largest rainforest is the Congo Basin in Africa which covers 800000 km square. CAUSES OF RAINFOREST DEFORESTATION 1. Commercial logging ; hardwoods such as teak and mahogany are exported. 2. fuel wood ; people and industry burn wood to produce energy for as to help them carry on their works, 3. Subsistence farming ; slash and burn method of farming. 4. Commercial farming ; large areas are cleared to create land for ranches in so doing trees which could have help rainfall will be cut-out.