Saturday, January 10, 2015


Merry Christmas and a happy new sorry ! taught it is 25th December (Christmas) and wanted to send my seasonal greetings and also a headline which will draw your attention to my blog. Let keep going, what was some memories you remember about Christmas ? Imagine a world were everyone who passed you in the street instantly knew everything about you from the deeply personal to the painfully embarrassing to you. address and even phone number. This brings us to the topic on board respect privacy. For the sake of better understanding I am explaining privacy, Privacy is the state of being free from unwanted or undue intrusion or disturbance in one's private life or affairs freedom to be left alone, tourists most respect the tribe's privacy. Easy as that, but in most cases members of the public work, colleagues, potential dates, police officers all would be stuff you probably wouldn't want strangers to know , sound like a nightmare ? Privacy has been the battle between public figures and the normal individual as to who is right has been the problem. The fundamental right of every land has the human right, ummm ! when will human left come ? just kidding. Every human being is entitled to right of privacy lamenting on issues surrounding the individual. Journalists has been a key factor suppressing the celebrities in every country. For instance journalists dragging a celebs private life to the public scenes all in the name of rendering their services to the nation and also in celebrities life there is nothing like privacy. You will go to the giant search engine Google to search something about a Ghanaian Celeb and all you will find is funny stories regarding ones private life . Not forgetting that before one can sign up for any social media there is privacy setting. since it has legal backing. Privacy a personal matter that is concealed secret. In every religion there is a norm and values which governs it but in recent time privacy has become sacred even if you ask some basic information someone he will simply tell you i don't know you, fair enough is their right.

i. Luxurious cars your favorite stars ride. 2. The celebrity with the swag. 3. Who rocks Ghallywood Yvonne Nelson or Nadia Buari ? 4. Who rules Ghana music Sarkodie or Shatta Wale ? 5. ... divorce his wife 6. ... fight gf|bf 7. Shaldes our stars wears to shows 8.... buys new car 9. Who is the sexiest actress celebrity Martha Ankomah or Jocelyn Dumas ? 10. ... had a secret wedding 11. Celebrity beef ...and... 12. Who look good in suit Israel Laryea or Kafui Dey ?. 13.... gives birth to a new bouncing baby. 14. ... escaped died 15. ... ..spotted with..... in the VGMA awards. It's good to at least try and tell what happening to our celebrities but not going as far as this. One funny thing is after this online websites managers draft a disclaimer reading (I am using my blog as an example) Contents found here are of the writers and nothing to do with accuracy and refers do not match with that of Making it as if the editor don't cross-check the story before publishing it. I am of strong conviction that websites such as omg Ghana,, citifmonline and others hide behind certain people as some Ghanaian politicians hide behind certain people to trade in illicit drugs. I am a respecter of privacy simply because is a right one is entitled to. Will you be happy to wake up one day to see your house viral on the internet with the caption ' The big show of Ralph's Mansion ? Karmar advises to be patience in whatever we do for it shall surely bounce back one day.

Let prevent Hippocrates and love life !

Friday, January 9, 2015


 I have being a fun of listening to radio since infancy. Trust me I know about 99.9% FM stations in Ghana, and about 50% their weekly program mes. Unlike Television I will sit beside it by 9:00pm and by 9:10pm I have already fallen asleep. Morning shows in Ghana are in three forms Political shows, Sports shows and Entertainment shows , but for the sake of accountability and clarity I am focusing on political shows and Entertainment shows. Radio political shows have always made headlines in Ghana. Some Political actors blame them always. Irrespective of the show Ghanaians listen. Entertainment shows boiling the airwaves with good musics. Radio program me would mess up without musics. It is believed that, personalities behind the console either help the  radio station gain or loss listeners. It's also good to brand radio shows in a grand style as Done-well Insurance slogan "if it must be done, it must be done well". Oops ! cherish readers forgive me if I didn't cover your favorite morning show. I am in Agona Swedru and I only covered those radio stations which their Frequency Modulations reach my place. Like the Swedru based radio stations which they are waves don't even reach Kasoa. Strategically speaking I covered and monitored seven flagship morning shows including the likes of Day Break Hitz on Hitz FM, Kokroko on Peace FM, National Agenda on Oman FM, Dweso Nsem on Adom FM, Super Morning Show (SMS) on Joy FM, Ryse N Shyne on Y FM and Ade Akye Abia on Okay FM. Each morning I tuned-in and monitored the Flagship programmes, they all performs to their masses expectations but in some cases sensationalism takes place. Ever since I started monitoring this flagship programmers I discovered great talents and a good presentation of works. 

 Hitz FM Day break hitz hosted by Kwesi Appiah known on radio as Black I (eye ). The show is aired Mondays-Fridays 6:00am - 10:00pm. Mondays is confession during this segment listeners are allowed to call-in and confess their sins after, a Counselor is called to address the callers issue and advise them. Tuesdays to Fridays discerning listeners who are troubled on marital (relationship) issues call for advise and afterwards listeners are allow to share their thought and comment and  a Counselor finally advises the troubled person. Along the line news papers review, question of the day and entertainment news takes place as segment of the show. Good music is played to help listeners forget some of their troubles. So far they are doing well.

Kokroko hosted by the Chairman General Kwame Sefa Kayi. The man with the deep tone voice. Kwame Sefa Kayi has been voted the Best Morning Show host for four consecutive times and also RTP personality for the year 2013 and 2014. If you have ever tuned-in before you will bare with me the classic interview and the way he organize his panel members. A regular panel schedule members Mondays - Fridays 6:00am - 11:00pm.On Peace 104.3. With the credibility and accuracy Kwame Sefa is on top of his game. Peace FM 104.3. 

 Fiifi Boafo the successful man behind Oman FM National Agenda the ultimate morning show on Oman FM. Fiifi has produced and hosted Adom FM's Dwaso Nsem nearly a decade ago.The flagship program of Oman FM is aired Monday - Friday at exactly 6:00am - 10:00pm. As experienced Fiifi is there is a little to hammer on talking interms of how he handle his panel members given them free access to say whatever they have to say, most especially when his boss Hon. Kennedy Agyapong appears on his show. Rumours also make waves on his platform. Fiifi does fantastically and hope he will improve. 

Dwaso Nsem has always made headlines in the news papers, despite the frequent changing of personalities from Adakabare Frimpong Manso to Ekuoba Gyesi then Fiifi Boafo, Adakabare Frimpong Manso again and finally Blessed Godsbrain Smart affectionately called Captain Smart. Lovers of radio will appreciate and point out that, Dwaso Nsem is an interactive and entertaining show. Starting with news paper review to analyzing (discussing) issues. It is aired weekly 6:00am-10:00am. Captain Smart does very well but seems he has alittle temper when addressing and interviewing people about vital issues, and should check that. 

 The Super Morning Show (SMS) hosted by humble Kojo Yankson. Kojo is a new personality in the Greater Accra media circles, Joy FM flagship program SMS has been hosted by great like Tommy Annan Forson, ace BBC Broadcaster Komla Domor, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and Mr Kojo Yankson recently. Kojo Yankson has what it takes to get his listeners tune-in. He exercises authority over his panel members and the accuracy in his presentations. Kojo is one of the few radio personalities which updates their listeners and fans on social media from motivation messages to panel discussions. Since he is not even a year on urban radio I will live it there. Tune in this and every Monday - Friday 6:00am-10:00am on Joy 99.7 FM

.Ryse N Shyne hosted by the goddess Ms Naa on Y FM the radio station for the youth. I prefer calling her Ms Abrofosem. Many vibrant youth including my friend Smart Dollar refer to Ms Naa as the noise making female presenter on Y FM. But infact Ms Naa together with DJ Vision drives non-political minds to work with a classic music. One thing about Ms Naa is She don't fake her speaking (English accent) , She is real, brave and talented. No non-sense presenter who worked with the Global Media Alliance Y FM. Tune-in this and every Monday - Friday on Y FM 107.9. 

 Ade Akye Abia the flagship program of Okay 1 01.7 FM hosted by Kwame Nkrumah Tikesi the man with the slogan '3y3 kai s3 miden ho tei'. Okay FM a sister station of the self acclaim Ghana's number one radio station Peace FM 104.3, Okay FM started broadcasting October 2010. Kwame Nkrumah Tikesi has his own style of presentation . During his show he teaches the origin and meaning of certain Twi words and the right pronunciation. His show start 6:00am-10:00am. In the capital city Ade Akye Abia is the only morning show which is strictly news paper review and exclusive interviews no political discussion (argument and political lies) I'd enjoy his show Monday-Monday and one jingle I like is Aha na Ghana kasa ! Aha aso so na Ghana tie !. Mr Tikesi does well but a little I want to tackle about how he present his show, he sometimes conduct 'irrelevant' interviews only to bring tension, panic and fear as Adakabare was doing on Adom FM. Adorable readers of this article should not think somewhat for critizing sake but for change and improvement in the morning shows in the capital. Who watches the the watchman ? Ghanaian media has gone too far for this 'KGee' act on radio. I haven't forgotten the shallow new radio stations hitting the airwaves and about to hit radio stations Starr 103.5 FM, Bright FM, Adepa FM, Breeze FM, Atinka FM and the soon to come (undergoing test transmission) radio stations.

Monday, January 5, 2015


Lexis Bills known in real life as Kwame Sakyiamah the host of Joy FM's Drive time. I have taken to my self as a duty to honor and profile workaholics in the media industry in Ghana. Today I am presenting the first edition called spotlight with Lexis Bill known in real life as Kwame Sakyiamah the new host of Joy FM's Drive time, he succeded the Emperor Bola Ray known in private life as Nathaniel Kwabena Anokye Adisi after he moved to Starr 103.5 FM on the ring road Accra. Lexis a very brilliant, talented, humble, eloquence and cute young man. He has so far worked in the biggest urban cities in Ghana doing fantastic radio job Accra and Kumasi. Lexis had his secondary education at Prebyterian Boys School (PRESEC-LEGON) and proceed to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and is currently pursuing an MBA in Human Resource Department at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA). As silky his voice is Lexis started radio doing his school days around 2014 when he was a first year student of KNUST, broadcasting on Focus FM. Within two years while still a student of KNUST. He joined Kapital radio as the Drive time host carving an niche for himself. With an infectious delivery and authoritative presentation of RnB and hiphop, upon graduating with a BA in sociology and Human Resources, he was employed by Xtacy FM to host the station's mid-morning show after undergoing some training in radio programming. His leadership and grand style fetch him job at Multimedia Group Limited in 2010 at HItz FM (Ghana's best entertainment station). Louis Kwame Sekyiamah known in his academics books was drummed by his dad to become a lawyer or doctor "...Years of learning and having the passion to carry on whiles being humble and willing to learn has brought me this far..." Lexis said. Mr. Sekyiamah said in an interview that he never wished to be on the TV or the media, when he join Multimedia in 2010 Lexis was hosting the morning program 'Day break hitz' till he moved to Joy FM to be the evening show host of Late Night Express, the most listened-to late night radio show. He was nominated the Best Morning Show of the year 2012. Aside radio Lexis does TV, he is the host of male dominated reality talk show 'Men's World'. He hosted season 2 of educational reality show ' The Challenge' and is a regular panel member of GHone TV's the Pundict entertainment talk show. As I write Lexis is one recognized voice on Ghana's English speaking radio station Joy FM. Tune in every Monday - Friday on 3:00pm - 8:00pm.