Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Like the unknown statue of a soldier at the independence square of Accra - Ghana. There seems to be an uncelebrated hero George Alfred Grant, well known by many as Paa Grant. The man who master minded the formation of the first political movement in Ghana , United Gold Coast Convention (U . G . C . C). Paa Grant was born on August 15 1878 at Beyin in the Western Nzema in the Western Region of Ghana. He had his education at Wesleyan School Cape Coast privately under the care of Mr. Joseph D. Abraham a wealthy merchant of Cape Coast and friend of his friend's. After completing his education Paa Grant worked in the timber business and later established his own timber firm George Grant and Companies in 1896 . Even before the first world war Paa Grant had business contacts with principal timber companies in Europe and in America. As his business progressed Paa Grant travelled to Liverpool, London, and Hamburg to open branches. George Grant was a merchant and politician. He concieved the idea to form a political movement and fight for independence in 1947 where he consulted Lawyer R . S Blay a prominent legal practitioner based in Takoradi. He formed the movement and named it United Gold Coast Convention (U . G. C. C) with the slogan 'self government within the shortest possible time'. George Grant (Paa Grant) as the President, Lawyer R . S. Blay as the first vice , Joseph Boakye Danquah popularly called J . B . Danquah as second vice and Ako Adjei as it secretary. Paa Grant was running the movement both as President and a fianancier , when the incumbent secretary Ako Adiei introduced to him acertain man called Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was based in London . Paa Grant sent an amount of E100 to bring Dr Nkrumah back home. Where Dr Nkrumah came to Ghana to be the secretary of the party and later formed his own party Conventions People Party (C.P.P). He died on 30th October, 1956 before Ghana gained independence. It is very much unfair and upsetting that Ghanaians has not yet honour and even given him the national recognition as due. Taking into consideration the genious work he played in G hana's political history. Many military men who used force to attain power has even been named after Airport, high street, hospitals, and parks in the country. Emmanuel Kotoka named after the only international airport in the country Kotoka International Airport a military man who over threw Dr Nkrimah. Ignaius Kutu Acheampong who over threw government and others. Naming a head of state or a hero after a street won;t add much but appreaciation for good work so others can follow, Paa Grant as an unsung hero has been named after the Takoradi circle and Caprice flyover making others know, hero deserve just more than street naming after them but national attention to enage more people trying to be honoured as heroes.
Moreover,firebrands politicians seems to stress several government up since 1992,on issues of their selfish interest.Paa Grant devoted his full time to serve oir country (Ghana),about a decade ago the BIG SIX namely, J.B Danquah,Ako Adiei,Edward Akufo Addo,Obestebi Lamptey,Kwame Nkrumah and Ofori Atta recieved a highly honour one can ever recieve in Ghana. as their cute faces appeared pn the national currencies paper notes from Ghs 1 to Ghs 50 with the expertion of the Ghs 2 note which bares Dr Nkrumah's face. Children are the future of any nation so by making Paa Grant face to appear on at least one of the Ghana cedi note won't cause any harm than good so by doing socialization would take place.Children are the quick learner so let encourage the up and coming Ghanaians to be partriots.Paa Grant deserves even better than the BIG SIX as per history tells us. let campaign and help honour our heroes ! thank you