Thursday, September 24, 2015


Like men run women cry, as politicians has always been doing politricks. The day has finally come where holidays are ruining the country financially down. Oh my oh my ! I know you are asking why? But I will answer that in my up coming piece if time will be on my side. " my journalism is hinged on three basic principles naming ,shaming and jailing" these are words from Anas Aremeyaw Anas ace undercover investigative journalist. What am I driving to ? All what I want to say is . There a lot of bad and corrupt persons around us, and they need to be put behind bars regardless of their positions in the country. You cannot just say, a person is corrupt and he would be caught and be prisoned. You need an evidence a hard core evidence, meaning doing immersion journalism working undercover , been vigilant and focusing on your goals. It's hard though but rome was not built in a day as the saying goes. Reporting criminals, avoid taking and giving out bribes, avoiding create loot and share and the likes keep mentioning are all ways we can do to prevent those bad and corrupt guys from our society and Ghana at large. Wear the masks as the title of this piece doesn't mean we should wear masks to unveil corruption in our dear nation if that be it, we will all turn arabians but working secretly behind doors knowing what you are up to and getting the results and affecting your society positively with it. When you wear masks no one get to see your face. If the bad guys has broken the bridges let we the good guys build a strong one, and one day Ghana would be a corruption free country. Remember the principals in the game naming, shaming, and jailing. Long live Ghana! Long live true patriot!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Is the title of today's holiday's message. Rescue the perishing , care for the dying is the exact song which comes to mind when I look at the happenings in Ghana now. Anyway, happy founder's day to you. Our institutions are corrupt, Ghanaians are suffering , the cedi is falling. There is no hope for better future if we don't change. Ghana now is a member of the Highly Indebted Country's. The oppositions has nothing better to offer than to oppose. Indeed we need change not of government but our mentality towards things. Professor, Doctor , Lawyer, Banker has brought us nothing. Western education has taken our norms and values all in the name of human rights. tommyrot ! We need to move forward and take a great decision to be the Anas's. Let work undercover and uproot the root of corruption growing rapidly in our homes, communities, churches, schools, workplaces and the country at large. #MAD Making A Difference in Ghana Watchout for Ghana in the face of......... coming 19 th of . October, 2015. Long live Ghana! Long live true patriot!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Last Monday was a labor day in the USA. And all sorts of companies didn't operate including their embassy's across the world . Let me ask, did you ever knew is against the law of every country to work on holidays ? Oh yeah it against the law. And if you are found working on holidays risks being dismiss or shutting your firm. Even though the holidays are too many as I said in my previous piece but let try and be a good citizen's of our dear nation Ghana. Long live Ghana! Long live true patriot!