Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ghana a country full of susupons

Ghana formerly known as Gold Coast is a nation in the southern of the Shara desert, West Africa to be precise

The six pees of life

Live as we see is far beyond day and night and you can only succeed if you follow a systematic procedure not saying there is no God though but as the Holy Bible refers as the Basic Institutions Before Living Earth thus also a drawback principle to follow. Prior which means before doing anything. Proper as to, is like a student about to write examination when he solve and revise his note well he will pass and pass well. Planning as the saying goes if you fail to plan , you plan to fail,as the secret of leading is get started effective planning must be done before any action. prevent if you practice the stages explained above there is no way one can fail. Performance whenever a football team train well even if they lose a game you will see from how they play that they actually trained well but the opponent just carried the day, the same thing applies to human life as we live if you learn how to dance well you will be compared to Micheal Jackson and also if you help how to make people laugh well you will be compared to David Oscar. Implying if we all master in our field we will amuse ourselves one day.