Sunday, December 7, 2014


Like the twinkle little stars above the earth so high. The wise one Thomas Edison the inventor of electronic(light) bulb once said "If we all do the things we are capable of doing we'll all astonish ourself". In the early fifteen centuries before one can become a ruler of either an empire,village,head of clan he must be a warrior. Today, i am in to give you insights and merits on the need for us as a country (Ghana) to amend and make it a law that,before one can contest for any position in the country he must be screened of all sickness and published his status in the news papers before giving him the green light. History has proven beyond reasonable doubts that,most world leaders especially those in Africa dies most a time while in office and of natural cause and usually health problems. This raise the quest don't they seek medical attention ? I am yet to discover the duties of the doctors and nurses at the seats of government, but before then , I am introducing the most debatable, vital, most opposed and talkabout in town. Barely two years ago, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom the flagbearer of the Progessive People Party (PPP) rallied a campaign that, due to the untimely death of some African Leaders Ghanaian Presidential Aspirants should be screened before they can contest but they never pay attention to his issue . He even did example by screening his medical status and published it in news papers. Within 2008 and 2012 ten African leaders dead of natural cause due to poor health while only three leaders died in the rest of the continents. Below is a comprehensive details (presidents who died from 2008 - 2012 and other president who has died while in-office) The greatest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism . Africa is a young continent but its leaders rarely reflect that reality since old ( and- not- quite- so- old) President Levy Mwanawasa ( 59 ) of Zambia died 19th of August, 2008 . He died while attending AU summit in Cairo . He was evacuated to France by air ambulance following a stroke . He was dead while official statement claims he was recovering treatment . In that same year, President Lansana conte ( 74 ) died after several years battling with sickness . President Omar Bongo Ondimba ( 73 ) of Gabon died 8th June , 2009. He died of cancer . President of African's most populous country Nigeria President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua ( 58 ) He died on 4th May, 2010 died after few years of illness . Following the deads of such Presidents two years later , four other African Presidents died including the likes of Ghana's President John Evans Atta Mills,( 68 ) rumours in town before he dead was circulating about his poor health but it was denied by him and his ministers . He died on the 24th of July , 2012 just three days after his birthday. It was reported by some media houses that , he died of massive stroke whiles others said he died of throat cancer. Meanwhile the family kept the doctor's report as confidential . Malawi's President Bingu Wa Muthariksa ( 78 ) died on 5th April , 2012. The cause of his death was undisclosed. Ethopian's President Meles Zenawi ( 57 ) died while in - office 17 years of been head of state and government. President Gnassingbe Eyadema ( 69) of Togo also died on 5th Febuary , 2005 . After a sudden heart attack while on board a plane. Guinea Bissau's President Mallam Sanha ( 64 ) Mallam Sanha died on the 9 th of January , 2012. He died while trying to treat his cronic disease Diabetes. To add salt to injury, Guinea Bissau's Joao Bernardo Vieta and Libyian's Muammar Gaddafi died in Violence circumstances. It is clear and loud that, if care is not taken African Continent would be named 'Continent of Dead' due to the mass number of leaders dying of poor health not that there is no good health facilities but because of love for power and selfishness , regardless of their health . I hope if this law is passed it will put structures in place so as to terminate the rate of leaders dying and avoid unworthy trophies won by our precious continent , since there is a saying 'when you have life you have everything'. Among the dead African leaders who died of illness are the noble peace prize winner Nelson Mandela who passed away on 5th December, 2013 and longest serving African President then, Ahmed Sekou Toure who died on 26th March 1984 . The most recent one is President Micheal Sata (77 ) . The second President of Zambian President to died in office in less than a decade after mocking reports that he was suffering from a terminal illness before departing to the UN General Assembly few months ago , " i am not dead yet" but unfortunately for him , he missed his appearance at the Assembly amid reports that he had been taken ill in his New York hotel room . Among all the African Presidents who died, they all suffered aliments and had denied rumors about their ill prior to their deaths. Still the same, i am appealing to the President and Cabinet members of Ghana to enforce a law which will usher any Ghanaian before he can contest for any high office they should be screened and publish in the media . Let promote peace and live as brothers and sisters not hatred and love for power !