Sunday, October 18, 2015


The circles of life is always a lesson one has to learn and if you learn it well you can flow without any limitations. The natural disasters which happened in the capital city on 3rd June which brought everyone mourning and frustrated was a lesson I have learnt much and I am going to share with you in the lines below. The sudden drum which got Kwaku Ananse into trouble got some people into trouble on the 3rd June 2015 (Wednesday) on the fore court of the Accra community. Many intellectuals have read meaning into it no matter their political views they spoke fairly. The ultimate lesson i learnt is, all hope is not lost as far as we are alive. On the morning Thursday 4th June, 2015 almost all the Television stations and channels were showing visuals of the vivid thing which took place. The radio stations conducted interviews on interviews to find out the happenings regarding the natural disasters. Later, the president of the Republic His Excellency John Mahama declared a three days mourning in the whole country. Reader! Hope you have at least watched or seen in pictures how the twin disaster spoiled properties and how lives were lost? Have you thought it could be you? But thanks to Jah, what are we doing to help this unprofessional ‘silly’ things happening to our dear nation? My question goes to the privileged that are living. Did we just mourned or we are putting measures in place for the unknown future?
Besides, the flood and fire out-break was a sign of the end of days. It always pours but never rains as the saying goes. Do you think poor settlement only caused the floods? Yes it is! But remember in the Biblical days when it rained forty (40) days and forty (40) nights. Noah and all those who were in the ark survived due to obedience. Those who were killed by the floods and those by the fire out-break, those who died by the fire suffered most, creating a thin link about what is written in the book of life. So it may be that is sign of warning telling the world to wake up. Furthermore, I learnt money can’t buy life. Haven watched a man who got burnt to dead in his luxurious car with his seat belt and a filling station built with a huge sum of money. What I asked myself was, where are we going? Those people who died were people from all sorts of environs including Bankers, Teachers, Drivers, Electricians, Street Venders keep mentioning. That, with all the monies they have could not save them.
Let change our way of doing things and save mother Ghana