Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The mother of private radio stations in Ghana, Multimedia Group Limited first born Joy FM did not see the glory of a rainy Tuesday after a heavy rainfall. Joy FM on the early hours of a colourful Tuesday morning with the morning Man Mr. Kojo Yankson hosted the unique edition of Joy FM's SMS with the former first lady and Flagbearer of the National Democratic Party and wife of Jerry John Rawlings Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings. The queen of the air waves Doreen Andoh and her producer Philp Naii it was about an hour around 1100 GMT when the radio station for discerning listeners went off. The radio station used it Facebook page Joy 99.7FM to apologized to their listeners. 

"We apologize to our discerning listeners that we are off air. There has been a surge in the electricity due to a lightening strike. We are working to resolve this ASAP".

 Below are some of the comments after Joy FM posted the apology on its Facebook page

 Mantis Benta : who will be the first to be blame Mahama? 
Samuel Artiso : This mess can only happen in Ghana/Africa 
 Cull De Verocity : Only in Ghana Senyalah Castro Cazo : Too bad but at least the transmittes too will rest today. Khisa Niki Bhermyce : what has lightening got to do with Ghana....lightening happens everywhere @ Samuel Artiso 
Emmanuel Brown : So sorry 
Justice Vidzro : Before mid day pls Ridwan Emmanuel : Emmanuel Brown y sorry for what?? Are you the course Awaare O Ayivoore : help npp and blame Mahama for it God is about deal with you 
  Prince Armah : What is the meaning of asap, why are you helping us spoil our English, Judge that yourself are you doing us harm or good.
  Kofi Bediako Gyinson : U think God is asleep. He decided to strike the media HSE who will destroy GH one day by always telling lies about its own. This is just the beginning. I pray u never come back
  Samuel Artiso : I am an online listener . I pay more than pay u pay!!
  Sonnie Adu : pls b fast I do not want to mensah otabil preaching