Saturday, January 10, 2015


Merry Christmas and a happy new sorry ! taught it is 25th December (Christmas) and wanted to send my seasonal greetings and also a headline which will draw your attention to my blog. Let keep going, what was some memories you remember about Christmas ? Imagine a world were everyone who passed you in the street instantly knew everything about you from the deeply personal to the painfully embarrassing to you. address and even phone number. This brings us to the topic on board respect privacy. For the sake of better understanding I am explaining privacy, Privacy is the state of being free from unwanted or undue intrusion or disturbance in one's private life or affairs freedom to be left alone, tourists most respect the tribe's privacy. Easy as that, but in most cases members of the public work, colleagues, potential dates, police officers all would be stuff you probably wouldn't want strangers to know , sound like a nightmare ? Privacy has been the battle between public figures and the normal individual as to who is right has been the problem. The fundamental right of every land has the human right, ummm ! when will human left come ? just kidding. Every human being is entitled to right of privacy lamenting on issues surrounding the individual. Journalists has been a key factor suppressing the celebrities in every country. For instance journalists dragging a celebs private life to the public scenes all in the name of rendering their services to the nation and also in celebrities life there is nothing like privacy. You will go to the giant search engine Google to search something about a Ghanaian Celeb and all you will find is funny stories regarding ones private life . Not forgetting that before one can sign up for any social media there is privacy setting. since it has legal backing. Privacy a personal matter that is concealed secret. In every religion there is a norm and values which governs it but in recent time privacy has become sacred even if you ask some basic information someone he will simply tell you i don't know you, fair enough is their right.

i. Luxurious cars your favorite stars ride. 2. The celebrity with the swag. 3. Who rocks Ghallywood Yvonne Nelson or Nadia Buari ? 4. Who rules Ghana music Sarkodie or Shatta Wale ? 5. ... divorce his wife 6. ... fight gf|bf 7. Shaldes our stars wears to shows 8.... buys new car 9. Who is the sexiest actress celebrity Martha Ankomah or Jocelyn Dumas ? 10. ... had a secret wedding 11. Celebrity beef ...and... 12. Who look good in suit Israel Laryea or Kafui Dey ?. 13.... gives birth to a new bouncing baby. 14. ... escaped died 15. ... ..spotted with..... in the VGMA awards. It's good to at least try and tell what happening to our celebrities but not going as far as this. One funny thing is after this online websites managers draft a disclaimer reading (I am using my blog as an example) Contents found here are of the writers and nothing to do with accuracy and refers do not match with that of Making it as if the editor don't cross-check the story before publishing it. I am of strong conviction that websites such as omg Ghana,, citifmonline and others hide behind certain people as some Ghanaian politicians hide behind certain people to trade in illicit drugs. I am a respecter of privacy simply because is a right one is entitled to. Will you be happy to wake up one day to see your house viral on the internet with the caption ' The big show of Ralph's Mansion ? Karmar advises to be patience in whatever we do for it shall surely bounce back one day.

Let prevent Hippocrates and love life !