Monday, June 13, 2016

Letter To My Future Wife 'The Real Me You Need To Know'

(An open letter by Bernard Ralph Adams)

Dear future wife, 

I cannot wait for that day - that frabjous day to say 'I do'  but before then, here is the real me you need to know. You may know me from a distance or in person but trust me you know nothing about me as the saying goes "People only sees what you allow them to know and see" No female friend knows of what am about to tell you.

Hmmm! It's quite a long miscellaneous but let me starting moving. I am maverick. I'm among the few guys who sees only the good side of everything. I don't value material things neither do I treasure them. I'm very controversial and defend every side I take, been it good or evil. I once remember during my late teenage I visited a friend who stays 30 minutes drive from where I reside. We spent time happily together since it been a while we heard from each other. We tete-a-tete, playing video games to discussing trending issues for almost three (3) hours before I realized everywhere was dark. I hurriedly told my friend (David) Man : I wan go huz 

He replied : Charlie don't mk dull just now?

I rushed and picked my bag and oya I left. God so good I got a cab upon reaching the near by junction. I stopped the car and sat in panting seriously because I knew my mom would be very worried. Half journey on the road I picked my wallet and paid the driver fifteen (15) minutes later I was at my destination. I alighted and went home only to see my mom worried just like I thought, I greeted and head toward my room. Feeling tired I relaxed on my bed for about ten (10) minutes, I waked up and started off loading the items in my bag only to find out I have lost Ghs50 I moved to the hall to check if I could find it on the study table but to no avail. I called my friend (David)  on phone and asked if I left the money at his side. But he said at the other end of the phone naa. Not knowing all this while whiles  i was searching for the money my Mom was sitting comfortably watching a Philippines soap opera 'Her mother's daughter'. She muttered Hollandsworth, have you lost something ? I replied yes.

she asked what  have I  lost I replied, my money.

she asked again what is the exact amount? I remember I kindly replied, Mom if I tell you the amount, you would end up worried and insult me saying I am careless and after all, you can't do anything about the past  I have life and can earn more. The only word my mom  gasped was I knew you wouldn't definitely tell me. Babe, l don't worry over what can do nothing about. Learn from my mom how she responded. Same may happen. That is who I am

  I am self motivated type of person. Despite all the stress I pull for being controversial I carry on my duties as I want to. Once upon a time I wrote an article about one of Ghana's celebrity. In the article I expressed myself how I see the personality without being bias. An hour later my inbox started flooding with insults, curses name them. I nearly lose focused. But I encouraged myself saying 'this is the work I do' and threatening and insults are some of the risks involved. One basic principle I always live with  is 'the power of the mind' (thinking manipulating the mind to get an answer)  I am not moved by what I see or hear. It's all centered on me pursuing life how I want it to be. I hardly understand how hurt one becomes because of how he thinks.

Not too friendly, shy a bit jealous. I am phlegmatic by temperament too inward and private but a bit melancholic. I hardly make new friends but keep the little I make. My name can never to left out through all the schools I attended when listing shy guys. I recall a certain girl (Josephine) would always ask, Ralph are you that shy? I always replies No, but hiding my face. Lol. This same instance happened early this year. My junior brother and I met a female friend. We conversed for about thirty (30) minutes. Later that day I was checking my WhatsApp messages and saw a message from the girl we meet. The message reads "Ralph are you that shy ? I texted back No am not shy just that I speak I don't talk (I have been asked hundreds time and I always give the same answer).

  I am one kind of person who loves so much with passion and does the vice versa. If you are lucky  I choose you. Is you I love and nobody else. I am jealous just like God told the Israelite in the Biblical days. I am not selfish I believe you need to reciprocate what I does.

Man after my words.

Beauty, if I promise I fulfill, no matter what it takes to fulfill as far as I said, i go by my promise. Just as King Herod who promised  with an oath Herodias daughter after she has danced to entertain his guest at his birthday party to give her whatever she ask, and when the little girl asked for John the Baptist head, he ordered to his execution to beheaded John the Baptist. As the King obeyed is an epitome of me. My yes means, YES, my no means, No.

  I am Catholic than the Pope himself I was born into a Christian family precisely Assemblies Of God Family. My Dad a Pastor. So imagine the life I live. I believe strongly that Jesus Christ is the son of God and our Saviour. I have adopted the Grace teachings as my life (you know the name and claim, once saved forever saved stuffs)

Hate comparison likes who l am and who you are. There is this story I read a year ago about how two lovers broke up due to how the lady wanted to be treated just like her friend's lover and lack of effective communication. Appreciation they say is the ladder to greatness. I like whatever I do and what you will do. This saying which always get me laughing 'love me, like my dog'

I don't work for money. I enjoy almost 99.9% what I do. Not for the monies, fame or girls. Because I want do it. From publishing inspirational messages to daily news writing. A man within the ages of 35 - 40 years asked me one day where did you learn how to do all what you does ? I don't understand how a young guy like you knows most things. I smiled and replied, I sleep late in the night  most times 1:00am  and wake up early as 4:00am and I always learn.

Sweetheart, I give away freely I am an open source advocate

   Regarding the food I like. Ermm! There is this worldly saying the way to a man's heart is through food that doesn't apply to me.

Among all the dishes prepared and served in Ghana I eat few of them. I only eat one food we get from Maize. I was told I use to eat but got to a time I fall ill whenever I eat so they stop feeding me with such foods. For two decade now rice is in the menu of my everyday food.

Beauty, Queen,  my princess I hope you have today known what you never knew about me. And we gonna be happy together in the near future.

From your lover,