Sunday, June 12, 2016

Download Facebook Moments or forfeit your synced photos

Facebook users with a synced photo album are
receiving an email from the social network that
says they’ll have to install and log in to the
company’s Moments app by July 7, or else have
all their photos inside that album deleted.
The app, released last year, allows for private
uploads of photos for sharing with friends without
actually putting them onto the social network.
Before Moments, Facebook put into its main app a
similar feature called Photo Sync, back in 2012,
which, when turned on, automatically uploaded
photos from a smartphone into a private “Synced
from phone” album.
That album will be going away after July 7,
making Moments the way Facebook wants its
users to automatically upload photos privately.
Rather not deal with Moments? There’s another
option for rescuing your synched photos, says
If you “don’t want to download Moments, [you]
will also be able to download a zip file of your
synced photos from your Facebook profile on your
computer before July 7th,” the company said in
an emailed statement.
Techcrunch reported the July deadline earlier