Thursday, March 26, 2015


A land full of great resources blessed with all what a nation needs to develop. Ghana a nation of which is describe as home of peace and of Africa democracy. When will our leaders realize the great talents we have ? Are we waiting for a patriot to die before we write a mouth-watering tribute ? Oh ! now Ghanaians don’t think of the well being of the country but themselves. A land great fought for with their own resources has now been the land of selfishness while growing up. I learnt if your country is rich then you can also be rich. Is Ghana indeed searching for a patriot ? With many unsung patriot talking in-terms of Paa Grant the unsung hero, Dr Kwame Nkrumah , J. B Danquah, John Mensah Sarbah, Kwegyir Aggrey, Casely Hayford, to mention few who sacrificed in diverse ways making Ghana an independent state. Patriot refers to a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and it interest with devotion. A patriot is always ready to countenance the just claims and animate the reasonable hopes of the people , he reminds them frequently, of their rights encroachments and to multiply securities. These day people parade themselves parade as patriots. A person will rally a campaign just because he wants to benefit. We certainly have patriot in the country but we only have to honor the dead patriot and encourage them to the surface. It’s not been in a political office before you can be patriot. Has Bill Gate ever held any political office ? Patriots are all over the country the likes of Kofi Annans’ Dag Heward Mills, Nunu Mensah keep mentioning. It is very clear that the celebrities will never involve in political parties to save their image from divided fans. The reality is, the problems are there and we need to solve it. Unity is what we want. Enough of the political games (blame game) naming institutions after Busia and the likes okay !. Patriot do not do things because he need political power. I sometimes ask my comrades so are we photocopying the white ? Ghanaians, let be real, this not how we were natured let us not take advantage of social media and democracy and abolish the morals. Be proud you are yourself and not anybody. Not long ago, a couple of public figures who were arrested for bleaching the law all fall ill and were rash to the hospital. Let stop the RACISM WILL NEVER END and encourage the young to live a free from lies, and loot and share (Corruption). The Western world has nothing better to offer us. Have you forgetting the C. J. A agenda to dissidents to over throw the PNDC government violently become public in 1985 when Miss Scarage, after returning to the United State broke down under a lie detector during a debriefing session on C. I. A activities in Africa. Ghana is rising patronize Ghana goods stop the critic game and help, this the only country we have. Let go back and listen to those patriotic songs the ‘Ye nara ye sasine, Yaano Abibrima’ to mention a few. The United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO), the United States of America and other similar associations and countries. They are the ones who bribed (IF NOT ALL SOME) General Kotoka and Major Afrifa 13 million dollar to over throw Dr Nkrumah. You are a patriot yourself stop pointing figures on others and let build Mother Ghana. Long live Mother Ghana ! Long live true patriot !